VSTAR Indoor fine pitch LED Display for Seats projects

Published: 2020/04/20

Thank you very much for supporting VSTAR in this unprecedented period. I hope the quarantine time will end as soon as possible and everything will go well.

We have confirmed with our American customers an ultra high definition LED TV wall project for wall mounting. the primary solution is to use a screen with a spacing of 1.87 mm, but after in-depth research and comparison of our products, customers finally chose our high-profile fine pixel spacing solution, HD1.25. the whole screen are often a panel of 7x7. the whole LED system uses high-quality light-emitting diodes and a high refresh rate of 3840 Hz to realize amazing and stable visual performance.


VSTAR not only provides quality products and services, but more importantly, we attempt to supply our customers with how of trust, once they choose VSTAR as their partner, they ought to not worry. We are always for the sake of our customers and may support them in any situation.

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