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COVID19: Face recognition theorem camera

Face Recognition Infrared Thermometer

COVID19: Face recognition theorem camera

In 2002, 《Infernal Affairs》was very popular, and Andy Lau and Tony Leung were still young. I watched Infernal Affairs over and over again. It was a Hong Kong film complex. Who would have thought that almost 20 years later, I have never seen a Hong Kong police and gangster film that surpasses Infernal Affairs again? 《Infernal Affairs》 has become the end of a Hong Kong film era.

I was extremely impressed by two points in Infernal Affairs. One is the lines of Liu Jianming and Chen Yongren.

“I want to be a good person.”

“Sorry, I’m a policeman.”

Liu Jianming is burdened with a heavy original sin. He can live like a fish in the water in the police system, but he has to be subject to gangs from which he was born, providing them with cover and providing more internal information about the police force.

And Chen Yongren, he sunk in the endless bottom of human nature, drugs, alcohol, fighting and killing, he is gradually inseparable from this fictional identity. Three years and three years, this kind of secret that no one can tell, this kind of torture in heaven and hell is enough to drive a person crazy. What supports him is only a belief that I am a policeman.

Another point that impressed me was a picture of Liu Jianming pointing a gun at Chen Yongren on the rooftop.

Is that so?


At the beginning of the year, in a sudden epidemic, security guards in various neighborhoods, shopping malls and security guards were holding warm guns to take the temperature of pedestrians entering and leaving. How similar the picture was.

“come on, take your temperature!” The security guard called me over with a little command and pointed a warm gun at my temple.


theorem camera

I thought to myself that the long-lost “tick” was triggered like a pistol trigger, but fortunately, it was a dud

From now on, if you still point a gun at me, I won’t be happy.
When the flow of people is relatively small, this is the most direct and easy method of temperature measurement, but what if it is crowded? For example, the following scenarios:

Airport service:



It can be suitable for construction sites, communities, railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, cruise terminals, schools, government, offices,

institutes, new retail, etc.



Here would like to recommend our Face recognition theorem camera



You will different installation ways as below:

In case of abnormal body temperature, it can record the data of people with abnormal body temperature, can coordinate the work of the gate, the body temperature is normal, the gate is open, the gate is abnormal, and the gate is not open. This cost-effective temperature measurement equipment with face recognition and attendance system is recommended.


Can be used for gates, rapid temperature measurement


When a person passes the gate brake, they perform facial recognition and measure their forehead and facial skin temperature.



Product advantages:

Radar Perception: Hidden all-weather millimeter wave reader perception

Auto temperature measurement: Noncontact body temperature monitoring early warning of abnormal temperature reduce cross-contact risk

Face recognition: 3000 name list storage capacity 30000 binocular detections.

Mask recognition: Super artificial intelligence algorithm support mask scene application

Attendance statistics: Centralized data management

Visitor statistics: Strange warning strengthen detection to ensure safety.




We wouldn’t say this product line-up is the best, but they’ve been tested by the market and selling like hot cafes in the USA and Europe.

*How would you feel if your local competitor levels up their products by using our face recognition and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

*Just imagine how things will be in six months once you have pushed your new product to your distribution channels?

Why not let’s get started from samples or a trial order this week? You will have them and do some field testing as early as in May.

We are all in this together and want you to know that we are here to support your business needs.

Plan ahead, get the last laugh, Together we will get through this!

If you want to purchase from us or become our distributor, please contact us:

Email: info@ledvstar.com
Whatsapp or phone number: +86 151 1263 6530

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