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How to assemble high quality LED Modules-VStar LED

Everything is possible. You can do what you want and love what you want. But it’s not seemly too easy for doing it. Are you ready for learning how to assemble high-quality LED Modules now?

There are too many steps of successful LED Modules. Now here would like to share these steps with you, maybe you will quit your thought immediately here:


  1. LED Module has mainly consisted of LED / IC Chips / PCB and other components. if you wanna do it by yourself, You need to master too many courses, Like the LED brand, LED brand history, also its marketing policy, whether it is widely used, if so, you can follow, IC Chip is the same. PCB, If you are an engineer, I think you can draw it by yourself according to the LED lighting principle. it is easy to get good PCB, because they are low cost-effective, most of the manufacturers used the best PCB material for good consideration of heat-conduction, cooper plating thickness etc. You will find it, A module is not easy for one workshop, one workshop only can assemble only. When material are delivered into the warehouse, this is just quality control starts and the most important step of the LED industry. IQC is the basis and vital role, many procedures must be inspected sampling by an experienced engineer, then IQC according to the inspection report or rules and make careful inspection again. This works like a great team, so far, most of the inspection strategies are automatic, Like our VSTAR, most of the material are inspected by machine rather than human eyes with a good result of low fault rate. For a mature quality control manufacturer, those are all worthy.
  2. Besides the material election, You should create your own production line, you should master SMD and DIP packaging technology, so far, most of them are accomplished automatically, only some big element must be assembled by hands. DIP is mainly for outdoor while SMD is for indoor or rental led display. like welding machine/printing machine / gluing machine/ wires & connectors machine,/screw machine and any kind of quality tester. Most of the workers play QC roles. for mold, if you want to save cost, you can order public mold,; for the good manufacturer, they open their own mold for modules, Public mold is rough while a private mold is exquisite,. Like seamless connection or screen flatness, like small pixel pitch,  Ultra-thin and ultra HD LED Display, they have to open exquisite mold to reach the highest performance, or you have no advantages before competitors.


  1. Do you think it is ending?

NO, we need to make an aging test for the led module in strictly, those modules must be returned to the production line and make a second aging test. at last, the whole LED screen must be passed all kinds of aging test mode.

Sincerely invite you to visit our company (VSTAR)  I am sure, you will know how to build a module by yourself, and even you can see the whole procedure from material to semi-products to finished products.

Welcome to visit VSTAR, as a global growing professional LED display manufacturers already served all over the world partners 9years. we recruit distributors all over the world if any interests. contact with us, we offer a full series of a free training course in marketing and maintenance.

If you want to save customs duty cost, please you purchase our high quality led modules anytime.

We will quote you amazing led modules for any project.

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