P4.8mm Outdoor LED Video Wall as Fixed Application


In these days, we have sent out 24 square meters P4.8mm outdoor led display for watch sport games at their entertainment occasions. they can be watch the video clearly. The most important is getting 100 scores comments from our clients.

High stability LED Display

We use high-quality 4-layer PCB board to make sure perfect cooling and optimized stability. Each module is provided with 10 strong magnets and a rugged handle to make sure high reliability and availability.


The power box is integrated with the facility supply, the receiving card and therefore the hub board for quick replacement. The enlarged indicator lights are designed to be tilted to supply better observation for fault diagnosis. the entire device are often maintained from the front or back. Thank you.

The huge top handle and automatic quick locking system are often installed by one person. the whole panel beveled, leaving no sharp edges to make sure safe operation. The LED display screen supports suspension, ground stacking, bump and dislocation installation and may be utilized in any creative stage design

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