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Can you put the prom bottom on the moor? Notwithstanding, it’s much better-and safer-to have your prom bottom on moor, If you are hosting your nuptial party outdoors. Any hire company should be qualified to install this platform and will keep your heeled guests from sinking into the ground all night long.


Creating an elevated prom bottom also makes it easy to keep long dresses and proper shoes clean, so the only thing your guests will have to worry about is what moves to use to tear up the prom bottom.

Explore 20 nuptial prom bottom ideas for your big day.


Check out some tasteful, yet budgetfriendly espousal cotillion bed ideas that will have your guests aahing and hooting and encourage them to dance the night out.

1. Checkered patternSimple, but oh so elegantKeep it majestic with a black and white checkered hop bottom accompanied by a regal chandelier. Or, if you are feeling a little freakishgo for a rainbow checkered box to add a touch of robustness to your rainbow marriage theme. These types of flooring are really easy to hire and budget-friendly.

2. Filled with balloons. Who does not love balloons? Balloons are evocative of some of the headmost festivities in our lives, and can be an extremely budgetfriendly way to fit joy into your blast! You can feel your excitement radiating amongst your chumsFeel the excitement radiating amongst your guests-both the immature and the immature at heartHang balloons over the cotillion bed or have them scattered around the cotillion bed to catalyze a delightful atmosphere.

3. Poolside. Does your espousal venue have a graphic swimming pool? Take advantage of it by locating your cotillion bed next to the pool for some exclusive fun. However, install a clear cotillion bed over the pool, If you want to take it to the ensuing placeComplete with the right lighting and music, this setup will exceed contemplations.
4. with a disco ball theme. A single disco ball from the middle of the hop bottom gives a red-hot refreshment to the oldfangled theme. To make your function sparkle, dyad multiple disco balls of varying sizes and lengths with a minimalist chandelier. Stick with classic tableware, or name for gold and trade the colors of your disco balls to enhance your own unique odor.

5. Glowing. This marriage hop bottom idea is ideal for a fresh red-hot theme as it’s so proteanKeep it understated and elegant with all-white lighting, or savor it up with changingmulti-colored penstocks. You can match the mood of your music to the hop bottom for an entertaining atmosphere that will keep your guests dancing.

Wedding day is one of the most special and once-in-a-lifetime events between couples. Hence,each of the details are properly planned and arranged to make this event memorable. Having an LED floor as a dance floor will make this occasion more unforgettable not only for the newlyweds but also for those guests that will attend the party. Here are the 5 reasons why:

  1. Unlimited designs – Having an LED floor will give you not just one design but numerous displays of your choice that fits the motif and theme of the wedding. It will also able you to change the floor surface to become aligned with the specific portion of the reception program, in just one click.


2. Twinkling lights – LED floor enhances the ambiance of the floor with its twinkling and shimmering lights and color combinations which will give you the ease of inviting your guests to dance and have fun above this beautiful dance floor.

3. Interactive functions – Aside from vivid displays, LED floors have an interactive function with its multiple touch sensors which allow every step of your guests to have an interactive connection with the floor, bringing them a very unique experience.


4. Highly stable – LED floor is suitable for long-time use giving limitless entertainment to your guests. It is also equipped with water-resistance, non-slip, and strong load-bearing technology which make the LED floor safe and highly stable.

  1. Easy to install – Installing an LED floor seems to be complicated, but it is actually very convenient. LED floors to have a magnetic modular design making the installation and disassembly very quick and easy.

Do not miss the chance of having a very exceptional and unforgettable wedding. Have your own LED floor now!

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