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Why choose to Work with VSTAR transparent LED Display?

transparent led display

Do you know VSTAR can manufacture high windows transparent LED Display?


VSTAR Transparent LED Display is an innovative technology allowing you to turn your window into a digital billboard, suitable for advertising all products and services. The integrated LED lamps are almost invisible from the outside of the building, thus making no difference to its appearance. This type of digital signage provides 80% transparency which enables you to still be able to look through the glass window.

Whether you need to create a custom Windows Transparent LED Display or you need portable poster units, VSTAR LED has a display solution for your installation. VSTAR displays offer options for indoor and outdoor use and is available as flat, curved, or cylinder transparent LED units. Uniquely versatile, our systems can be integrated to create stunning, cost-effective displays to deliver powerful messaging to your customers.


The Wall series Transparent LED display is perfect for building high-impact indoor displays that command attention. Ideal for permanent and semi-permanent displays, including storefronts, concerts, entertainment venues, national landmarks, and trade shows, they are modular in design, with high brightness and high resolution, the VSTAR creates a best-in-class transparent video wall that viewers will not forge, and can be customized to fit your indoor architecture.

The Windows Transparent LED displays that allow viewers to enjoy the displays’ bright graphics and see through them. Often installed behind glass, they create an attractive facade with bright noticeable content that can be viewed from a great distance while offering 70% to 95% transparency


A transparent LED display can be used by stage designers and event producers to realize more creativeness due to the holographic-like visual effect, which will send an immersive experience to the audience.


Our transparent led display can be used in shop windows. The shopping windows show the product on the inside as well as show text or advertisements on the glass. For example, there could be a pair of shoes behind the window and at the same time, the window has information scrolling across it like prices, special deals, or advertisement video clips.

The set includes a Transparent Screen, which uses a special glass that switches between Transparent mode and Screen mode, and a Control Box. A high-contrast light control film is combined with the glass, so the picture can be adjusted to the optimal contrast when installed. Images on par with digital signage can be projected even in brightly lit environments, to display information on new products and sales campaign details. Several screens can also be combined and controlled as a single large-screen system.




VSTAR displays are carefully designed and manufactured by our design engineers to the highest of standards, and as pioneers in transparent LED technology, we are dedicated to continuous research and development


From the creative concept through to installation, the VSTAR LED team designs get noticed displays. We take care of all the steps, creative, precision engineering, content development, and installation. And because of our intimate knowledge of the hardware and creative skills, we are experts at crafting stand-out displays-VSTAR LED Display

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