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5 steps to start Outdoor LED billboard Business | Advertising LED Display


Led Display business still developed rapidly


The led billboard has become a commoner, the led billboard has great progress in the past 20 years. Yet in the market-led billboards is still vital for the led advertising Display business. With the development of Shenzhen, it has been the great city in china for the led billboard industry. Depend on Shenzhen cheap labor, rich natural resources, LED billboard is producing on a very small budget in china. It is much cheap compared with other countries such as Africa, Thailand. At the same time LED billboards are a more mature technology and more innovative in China. With the combination of advantage factors, Shenzhen LED billboards are sold all over the world. Recently, relevant experts predict that China’s economic recovery is likely to recoup its momentum while macro-policy support strengthens. The impact of COVID -19 cases has become the smallest, let’s start the led business again.


Starting a led billboard business for 5 steps. Please spend some time checking the below steps :


Step1: Register a company start your own business


1st. Preparations. Create a company name such as to rouse’s co. Registered address and capital, consider about investment ratio. Legal identity information and shareholder identity. Open a current account and open a secure internet bank service. When in doubt, look for relevant institutions. Such as the USA government small business.

2nd.Begin register. Register with the federal government or register with state agencies. Depending on the difference for your company you can deliver the form to the federal government or state agencies. For example, if you register a limited liability company (LLC) in state agencies, corporations, partnerships, or nonprofit corporations, you may need to register with any state where you conduct business activities. As different states require, you can register online, and some states make you file paper documents in person or through the mail. For other correlation questions, you can visit local government websites to find out what you need to do. You should stay up to date with registration requirements, in some states you may need to file additional documentation with your state tax board or franchise tax board.

3rd, Get the tax ID number. State tax ID or federal tax ID numbers are also known as employer identification numbers (EIN). They let your business pay state and federal taxes. The federal tax ID number, taken as an example here.  For other relative questions, you can ask your state’s website or federal’s website to identify.

4th, Licenses and permits. Apply for licenses and permits is base on your business activities, location. You’ll need to get a federal license or permit (state licenses and permits)

if your business activities are regulated by a federal agency or state agency. Vary by your industry, you can research your own state, county, and city regulations.

5th, Bank account. A legally compliant bank account can help you protect your business and capital safety. You’d better find an account with low fees and good benefits. When you open a merchant services account, you should consider Discount rate, transaction fees, address verification service (AVS) fees, ACH daily batch fees, and monthly minimum fees. Lastly, don’t forget Employer Identification Number (EIN) (or a Social Security number), your business’s formation documents, ownership agreements, and business license to open d business bank account.

Tips: You can search a registered service company to help you set up a business on the internet.


Step 2: How to find trustworthy led billboard manufacturers?


Method 1. Consultant expert. The first thing, we choose a trustworthy led billboard led manufactures is that we know the product have good quality. So we can inquire about related professionals. An excellent expert always with a trained eye will spot the difference immediately, compare advantages and disadvantages of different manufacturers and products. Consulting related professionals can help our effectiveness and correctness.

Method 2. Evaluating your sources. When you search from the internet, you should evaluate the resources you have located and choose the most appropriate for your needs. Check information and assess sources using the following criteria: timeliness, authority, audience, relevance and perspective.

Method 3. Choose reliable websites. Nowadays, find manufacturers through Alibaba platforms have become more commended by most Americans. Alibaba is has developed into the world’s largest e-commerce company.  We believed Alibaba will become the way that your led billboard business best friend. You can search the labels “Traders” and the labels “Manufactures”, and select “suppliers” on the search bar. And then you can filter the business model to “production” on the search results. On the other hand, we can choose information from other reliable websites. For instance, Amazon, Shopee. In a word, we should choose a reliable website.

Method 4. Choose manufacture from the Internet. You can choose a professional forum of LED on the internet for which to communicate the levels and styles. At the same time, you can chat with them to understand the situation and appropriate. The latest news is the key to help you to find the target manufacture. In the search of Google and other cities, you can get different information from the manufacturers to help you make considerations.

Method 5. Inquire references advice. You can ask similar American companies they can provide potential manufacturers. Choose target manufacturer from potential manufacturers.

outdoor led billboards


Step 3: Establish a relationship with the target manufacturers and establish cooperation.


After step 2, you can carefully examination of your filtered manufacturers. Such as investigating the report, the size of the manufacturer, and the patent of the manufacture. And then, you can establish relationships with the target manufacturers and establish cooperation.

1st. Understand the strategy. As a sensible agent, you should cultivation the market intensive and understand the trend of market development. Cordially make cooperate with the target manufacturer, communicate with manufacturers timely. Making correct demand to the manufacturer will have a profound and far-reaching influence on your cooperation.

2nd. Ask a video tour to meet the manufacturer’s team. You can ask for a video tour before you relation with the manufacturer. This tour can make your target manufacturers feel released and make confident.

3rd. Meet face-to-face with Outdoor led billboard manufacturers. With the development of Shenzhen, it has been the great city in china for the led billboard industry. On the other hand ,China has the most developed public transport. Before your start, you can ask the manufacturer to provide a convenient transport line. And then, you can find your target manufacturers smoothly. You can coordinate with your factory and visit the production line.

4th.Confirm the purchase and sale contract. You should confirm those factors: product name, model, product packaging, color, brand, delivery date, payment method, shipping method, etc.

5th.pay the deposit. You should pay the deposit to the foreign trade company through the bank. Normally, the fixed amount is generally 30% of the deposit, and 70% of the final payment is settled before shipment. Attention, this deposit will not be refunded.

6th.Follow up the production process. You should ask the factory to send production progress photos, videos timely. After production is completed, the factory will contact with the transportation. You must make sure that the item on the packing list is complete and set out by taking photos, packing photos, videos from the factory.

7th. Find the best and suitable forwarder to deliver your goods and catch up with your project schedule.


Step4: How to choose a safeguard ocean shipment company or freight forwarding company?


Shipping is a traditional transport stool in the world until now. We can search International Ocean Shipment company from the internet in the same way. China Ocean Shipping Company is the largest shipping company in the Chinese mainland. On the other hand, we can search local Ocean shipping Companies from the internet. Ocean shipping company can provide:

1st, Consolidation, distribution and transload capabilities simplify shipping internationally.

2nd, Worldwide LCL, FCL, and Container Load Services. Get rates and transit times, and book and track the shipment with complete.

3rd, Shipping Container drayage provides direct shipment across the nation.

On the other hand, you can find a freight forwarding company. The freight forwarding company has a complete and mature system that brings a series of services. A reliable company will provide:

1st.suitable transport service. According to your route, a reliable freight forwarding company will provide more favorable prices and more agent services. Bring a series of services, such as picking up, delivering goods, packing goods, labeling, customs declaration, transportation to destination customs clearance, delivery. Control the property right of the goods and track the dynamics of the products. Help you solve urgent shipments, emergency declarations and other matters. Their service so far as to act as an agent for exporting and handing various documents.

2nd, Preferential price. Include the sea freight and all kind of miscellaneous fees. Help you avoid business disputes and risk prevention. A competent freight forwarding company will help you become a successful merchant.


Step5: How do tussling with the problem of installation of LED billboards?


1st, Spot investigation: consider the environments, topography, radiant radiation range and brightness acceptance, We should ensure those factories have an advantage influence in installation. On the side of the shield, carry out a unified lifting plan for the commander.

2nd, Build the LED equipment, based on the spot investigation, we should install the equipment. Choose a crane or a winch for segmented lifting according to the height of the distance. Depend on the process for the led advertising screen of the aerial work.

3rd, Debug the range of radiant radiation, to ensure each corner that we can see are bright. We should consider balanced images, subtitle information, broad viewing angles and appropriate intensity.

4th, Subsequent inspection and maintenance. Through those testing: numerous ranges, rain protection, dust and heat dissipation, power cords. The testing can entire stable graphic LED display. We should carry out unified management and support for these components. When the product is oxidized, unstable or damaged, you should replace in time.


Step6: For the long-term opportunities for OUTDOOR LED BILLBOARD are significant.


Chinese manufacturers are poised to grow by leaps and bounds, with new trends shaping its landscape and the government offering greater openness and expanding efforts to promote free trade. The led billboard is the trend of the development in the world. The led billboard is an ideal replacement for canvas advertising and lightbox advertising. This post discusses important information that all of the us-not just business but the general population as well-can learn from OUTDOOR LED BILLBOARD will play an important role in our future life.

Life is all about choices, in my opinion, LED billboards can in turn produce a profound and far-reaching influence on our future development. For this reason, we should be prudent to take all possible factors into consideration so as to make sensible choices. Vstar is a China-based LED manufacturer offering creative solutions, reliable products and dependable service for the LED billboard business. Right now, even after COVID, the U.S. has the strongest economy in the G7.   American is the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. We think that investing in outdoor LED billboards would make a huge difference in your life. With the analyses, we’ve history cooperate with Americans, success businessman not only building wealth but also provide work opportunity to others. So we think we support a real opportunity to you, and you’ve got to get into that listen to market’s ideas and that’s you just going to be open to. The article, we believe is a very common sense and reasonable way to do the LED billboard transaction. You’re open to ding it if you face a different situation.

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